Write Like a Cubist Paints!

with S.A. Greene

Write Like A Cubist Paints! with S.A. Greene

The Flash Cabin is delighted to invite you to this innovative workshop where we’ll be borrowing techniques from early 20th Century Cubists like Juan Gris and Georges Braque and applying them to your flash fiction. Through a number of linked prompts you’ll be guided to refine your initial Cubist-inspired responses until they - begin to take a coherent form, or not, if you prefer. Please join us in this non-ekphrastic generative workshop and let the genius of Braque and his cohorts help your own writing genius shine through!

Saturday, November 11th

2 - 6 pm GMT (Greenwhich Meantime)

Pay what you can
£0 (limited availability) £5, £10, £20

Live Zoom session

NB We do not make recordings of online workshops.

About the facilitator

S. A. Greene's stories have included talking foetuses, musical vaginas and Humpty Dumpty’s mother. Janus Lit., Sledgehammer, Ellipsis Zine, Flash Flood, Funny Pearls, Reflex Fiction, Retreat West and others have published her work. She was on the Wigleaf 50 Longlist with a story involving a sponge, and had a Pushcart nomination last year for a story about a man with a cardboard box on his head.

Twitter - @SAGreene1