The Flash Cabin

online flash fiction workshops

 Welcome to The Flash Cabin, a cosy spot on the virtual vista where flash fiction writers gather.
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The Team
Excited to announce that Martha Lane and S.A. Greene will be joining me as resident facilitators throughout 2024!

Anika Carpenter

Owner of The Flash Cabin

Anika built her virtual cabin in 2021. As well as keeping the place cabinshape, she runs Art & Flash, generative workshops and Dust Off Those Drafts.

Find out more about her here.

Martha Lane

Resident Facilitator 

Martha's workshops are fast-paced, prompt-fuelled machines! Generative and encouraging. Expect to come away with ideas for weeks'... no months' worth of writing.

Find out more about her here.

S.A. Greene

Resident Facilitator 

S.A. Greene fosters a warm, supportive atmosphere, encouraging all participants to contribute, sometimes applying thumbscrews to those who are more reluctant.

Find out more about her here.